It’s Time to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Enterprise Applications.

The comment usually starts like this; “We feel like we’re only using 5% of our enterprise application…” The reality is, most organizations are not effectively leveraging the investment that they’ve made in their enterprise application(s).

Often, organizations will apply an update or take a new release of a software application without fully understanding what the new features or capabilities of that release are. Staff turnover within the organization can compound these issues as subject matter experts depart and information is transferred from one associate to another. Organizations take enterprise applications and tailor them for the way that they do business – and as a new associate joins the organization, they lack the orientation and training required to effectively use these enterprise applications.

ProviNET has skilled resources who can provide the support required to successfully design, build, train, implement and support a host of core enterprise applications. For a technology consulting organization, we have some very uniquely skilled individuals – making up a team of registered nurses, regulatory experts and financial consultants. Our company provides the guidance and support to integrate hardware, technology, and software functionality with the current workflow of operational practices and organization policies/procedures.

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