24/7 EHR Support

With the rise of EHR applications replacing paper in the post-acute care industry, organizations are now with a need that never existed before, providing end user support for the EHR platform around the clock!  Many organizations do not have a formal service desk in place and put this duty on an analyst or manager who knows the software well, but this often leads to burning out that resource and creates a “drinking from the firehose” situation. Other organizations may have a team in place to handle support, but naturally this job follows the resources home for the night, weekends, and holidays. Whether an organization is at one end of the spectrum or another, or somewhere in between, ProviNET will work with your organization to custom tailor a support policy that fits the unique needs of your specific situation and desires. This client directed approach to support, coupled with our 24/7 dedicated, onsite service desk specializing in EHR support, organizations can rest easy at any time of the day knowing that their end users are in good hands!

Day in the Life Video: Dan Clark

We follow our Software Support and Implementation Specialist Dan Clark to highlight what his day entails and how ProviNET goes Above and Beyond supporting our EHR clients.

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Customer Testimonials

ProviNET as an organization excels in many areas but what separates them from other solutions providers is their down to earth people.  When you do business with ProviNET its always people first and that’s why their 24/7 EHR Support services is so successful.  They understand that behind every problem call, there is a person in need of assistance.  Customer service at ProviNET is clearly a top priority and a value that is exemplified by their staff on each and every support call.”

Brent Honjiyo
Director, Information Technology
Ohana Pacific Management Company



Whether an organization implemented electronic health records a year ago or 10 years ago, it is a common finding that there is often available functionality that is not being fully utilized; addressing critical needs for the end users. With many different implementation styles being utilized throughout the years, there are many organizations that implemented in bits and pieces over a large amount of time and there are organizations that implemented the full package all at once. In both situations, we find there is premium functionality that is not being used to its full extent, there are training deficits, and an overall confusion on how to get the EHR to work for the organization (and not the other way around!)

Organizations who struggled with the use of their EHR application that came to ProviNET found a custom tailored approach that identified specific pain points (both known and unknown), made recommendations on how to improve, and assistance with implementing and training around those recommendations. An EHR software is a huge investment for any organization, at ProviNET we believe it is essential that every ounce of benefit should be realized from that investment and we are dedicated to achieving that for our clients!

Video Customer Testimonial: Franciscan Ministries

Kathy Kelly, Vice President of Clinical Services at Franciscan Ministries, discusses why ProviNET Solutions stands above the rest when it comes to EHR support.

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EHR Roundtable Discussion

Are you struggling with your EHR? Our team of EHR experts sit down to discuss a common process that ProviNET Solutions can go through to help your organization improve its EHR condition and improve the way you feel about the investment that was made.

Customer Testimonials

“My organization engaged in a Financial optimization project with ProviNET Solutions to build the GL and Cross References, cross train our Month End procedure and re-train billing staff on the Financial Module.  From the beginning of the project to the end, we were thoroughly impressed with ProviNET’s service and knowledge.  The ProviNET team provided subject matter expertise on the Vision application, both the configuration and front end user workflow.

The Financial Implementation Consultant ProviNET provided on site was extremely thorough and provided excellent training and support as we changed our billing processes.  In addition, we worked with the technical team on importing our GL accounts and Cross References, and they provided timely and accurate results.

We highly recommend ProviNET Solutions for any EHR application support, training and optimization”

Valerie Hromatka
Revenue Cycle Manager
Episcopal Senior Communities
“Franciscan Ministries has found an experienced and knowledgeable partner in ProviNET. The ProviNET team’s ability to provide us support in the EHR arena has been exceptional. Collaborating with the ProviNET team has assisted us in establishing best practices while optimizing our utilization of the EHR software. We certainly have come to value their expertise immensely.”


Kathleen Kelly
Vice President of Clinical Services
Franciscan Ministries


Custom Reports

Be Efficient with Custom Reporting and Analytics

Over the past several years, more senior living organizations than ever have been using an EHR software to replace all paper documentation.  This is a great accomplishment for the industry, but now these organizations are faced with a new challenge:  how do we get meaningful information out of our EHR?  For almost 15 years, ProviNET has been developing custom reporting and analytic tools to get data out of Vision in a manner that provides the organization with vital statistics, trends, and monitoring which give a boost to quality as well as a competitive advantage.  This results in a vast library of pre-developed reports that can easily be installed within the software.  And when organizations have a unique need that calls for a report to be developed from scratch, we have yet to meet a report that we could not create to an organization’s specifications and satisfaction.

Customized Reports Demo Webinar


View our webinar below demoing two of our top Vision reports. The first report is the Enhanced Forms Query Tool. This is a premium analytic report offering, that allows users to build their own report for any data captured on forms/assessments. Imagine a report that serves as a pain report, risk score report, infection report, incident report, the list goes on!

The second custom report we will be demoing is the Demographics Details Report. This report allows users to query every single field on the patient Demographics screen. So this report can be used as a military service report, religion report, or any other use case. As long as the field exists on the Demographics screen, this report will allow you to capture it!

Customer Testimonials

“ProviNET has helped our facility with custom report writing which has been essential to an improved workflow and greater efficiency. Time spent on data searches and excel spreadsheets has decreased. Their custom reports such as the Weight Variance Report has helped our dietitians save time by calculating weight gains and losses quickly and accurately, and has led to increased compliance.  Additionally, our discharged residents are much happier with the cleaner version of the Discharge Medication Profile, which can also be shared during transitions of care with the added ability to include the last dose given.  ProviNET can create any custom report with a quick turnaround time.  Very professional.”

Donna Ford
Clinical IT Specialist
Landis Homes


“Abramson has been working with ProviNET since the start of our Vision implementation in July of 2015.  In that time, the ProviNET staff has performed many tasks for us, including clinical and financial systems consulting, analysis, training, custom form and report development and support.  Their team has always been professional, knowledgeable, fast to respond, fair, and flexible.  The management team here at Abramson holds ProviNET in the highest regard and I, personally, have enjoyed working with each and every member of their team.”

Dave Kelble
Vice President of Information Technology
Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life

Hillcrest Case Study

Due to a lack of native reports available in Hillcrest’s EHR software, Vision, Hillcrest Health Services was searching for a way to yield meaningful data. Being selected as one of nine pilot states for Value Based Purchasing for Home Health, Hillcrest was in great need of a way to report the data they were capturing on forms in Vision to CMS on a regular basis in order to be in compliance with this new initiative. With this being a pilot program, there of course was not a native report offering for this in the EHR. In conjunction with Hillcrest being known as a trailblazer in care in the industry, it was obvious that a comprehensive solution was needed to not only fit the requirements presently before the team, but to satisfy many similar requests to come.

Read the full case study to learn how ProviNET helped Hillcrest Health find a solution by clicking here.

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The Freedom of a Self-Hosted Environment, with None of the Headache

For over a decade, ProviNET Solutions has been providing premium hosting experiences for Vision customers across the nation. Hosting your Vision environment at ProviNET provides the advantages of being a self-hosted customer (dictating your database activities, having full control of your data, etc.) with none of the headache that goes along with the requirements of hosting such a large and complex application. As such, our customers are no longer grouped in with a collective of other organizations being hosted by a large vendor, but also don’t have the full weight of managing the database independently on their shoulders. This means when ProviNET hosts your EHR, we accommodate around the needs of our customers instead of things being the other way around.

In short, ProviNET is expertly equipped to provide a superior Vision hosting experience! From leaving environments up during upgrades, to same or next day Test/Train environment refreshes, to 99.978% uptime in 2017…we are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the very best we have to offer.

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