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T3 Plus Tablet for Healthcare

T3 Tablet

The T3 Plus tablet is designed with mobility and portability in mind.The T3 Plus provides easy mobility with its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Its portable design allows it to either sit on a counter or to be wallmounted. Powered by either Android or Windows I 0, the T3 Plus will offer the right solution.

  • System
    – Intel Quad Core 1.44GHz, up to 1.92GHz 4GB memory
    – 64GB storage
    – Android or Windows I 0
  • Connectives
    – Cameras, 2M
    – WiFi ac
    – Bluetooth 4.0
    – Ix USB
    – Desktop Base: 3x USB, Serial, Ethernet
  • Add-ons
    – Magnetic Stripe Reader
    – Smart Card Reader (EMV)
    – Fingerprint Reader
    – RFID (NFC) Reader
    – iButton Reader
    – 2D Barcode lmager
    – Handstrap
  • Mounting Options
    – Desktop Base, with 3x USB, Serial, Ethernet Wallmount kit
  • Power
    – I I 0-220V, SV, SA
    – Built-in battery, 7000mAH

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Selecting the Right Point of Care Device Webinar

Having the right Point of Care device in place can be instrumental in making sure your day to day operations run smoothly and efficiently. ProviNET was proud to have hosted a webinar with Pioneer Solution that focused on helping you strategically choose the ideal Point of Care device for your organization.


eBook: The LTPAC Professional’s Guide to Mobile POC Device

Please fill out the form below to receive our free eBook from Pioneer Solution to selecting the appropriate POC device. This is the foremost reference for selecting and evaluating mobile computing devices for clinician documentation in the Long Term and Post-Acute Care environment. Included are the industry’s best practices and the most up to date information available to assist you in your project. The purpose of this guide is to help you become informed so that you can make educated decisions that will enable a successful outcome.

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The Ideal Point of Care Device for Healthcare Organizations

At ProviNET Solutions we are constantly vetting the marketplace to help ensure our best of breed recommendations continue to be of value to our clients. For that, we take pride in the solutions we routinely endorse. Specifically, we understand how important it is for our healthcare clients in choosing the correct Point of Care devices knowing how incredibly impactful it can be to an organization if they don’t have the right solution in place. This is why for the last 5 years, ProviNET Solutions has partnered with Pioneer Solution as they offer a number of medical grade touchscreen options that are an ideal fit for healthcare organizations.

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Understanding the Differences Between Medical and Consumer Grade Devices

As I started doing research to help senior living organizations select the appropriate hardware for the clinical staff to document care on, I was utterly astounded at how big of a difference there was between medical grade and consumer grade hardware.  In fact, I was surprised to learn there was even such a thing as “medical grade” hardware!  As I learned more about what those differences were and how they impacted the investment that senior living organizations were making when purchasing POC devices, I now see the vitality of such a consideration when making a selection.

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The CarisTouch is a state-of-the-art mobile computer designed specifically for clinician documentations. It is powered with our RXchange® hot-swappable battery system that will provide a 24×7 cordless computing, virtually eliminating the need to plug in for charging. Every Caris Touch screen is built to protect against liquid sprays, and can withstand millions of touches. Its enclosure contains an advanced anti-microbial additive to prevent the growth and spread of surface micro-organisms and bacteria. The CarisTouch is ideal for nurse documentation, EMAR, CPOE, nurse stations, infotainment, patient check-in, and time clock.

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The T3 is a 10.1″ Windows Tablet PC, designed for mobile clinician documentation. Its advanced IN-Charge® power management system provides 24 x 7 mobile computing and location management making it the ideal tool for ADL capture, MDS and Wound Assessments, Admissions, Therapy, and Dining functions.

The T3’s versatile design offers several integrated device options, such as camera, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, biometric reader, and 2D barcode imager. It also offers easy connectivity to external devices such as keyboard and mouse, printer, large screen via its WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB ports.

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