When Outcomes Matter, Having the Right Device is Crucial

In an industry where outcomes matter, it is extremely critical that caregivers have the right mobile devices in place.  That is why, for the past 9 years, we have teamed up with Pioneer – a leading manufacturer of intelligent touchscreen systems.

Pioneer hardware is purpose-built for LTPAC providers, with an embedded privacy filter and antimicrobial finishes making their offering stand above the rest. These state-of-the-art touchscreen computers include a rugged design that can withstand harsh and demanding healthcare environments, they are built to protect against disinfecting cleaners and can withstand millions of touches.

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(EMAR system) Cart Mounting Guide

(POC System) Wallmount Setup Guide

Battery Charging Bay (mBay) Setup Guide

External Battery Swap on CT Terminal



The Ideal Point of Care Device for Healthcare Organizations

At ProviNET Solutions we are constantly vetting the marketplace to help ensure our best of breed recommendations continue to be of value to our clients. For that, we take pride in the solutions we routinely endorse. Specifically, we understand how important it is for our healthcare clients in choosing the correct Point of Care devices knowing how incredibly impactful it can be to an organization if they don’t have the right solution in place. This is why for the last 5 years, ProviNET Solutions has partnered with Pioneer Solution as they offer a number of medical grade touchscreen options that are an ideal fit for healthcare organizations.

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Understanding the Differences Between Medical and Consumer Grade Devices

As I started doing research to help senior living organizations select the appropriate hardware for the clinical staff to document care on, I was utterly astounded at how big of a difference there was between medical grade and consumer grade hardware.  In fact, I was surprised to learn there was even such a thing as “medical grade” hardware!  As I learned more about what those differences were and how they impacted the investment that senior living organizations were making when purchasing POC devices, I now see the vitality of such a consideration when making a selection.

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eBook: The LTPAC Professional’s Guide to Mobile POC Device

This is the foremost reference for selecting and evaluating mobile computing devices for clinician documentation in the Long Term and Post-Acute Care environment. Included are the industry’s best practices and the most up to date information available to assist you in your project. The purpose of this guide is to help you become informed so that you can make educated decisions that will enable a successful outcome.

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Selecting the Right Point of Care Device Webinar

Having the right Point of Care device in place can be instrumental in making sure your day to day operations run smoothly and efficiently. ProviNET was proud to have hosted a webinar with Pioneer Solution that focused on helping you strategically choose the ideal Point of Care device for your organization.



Pioneer Devices

Medical Grade AccessoriesMedical Grade Accessories

These computer accessories are beautifully designed and are tough enough to withstand the harsh working conditions of any healthcare environment.

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Medical Grade TabletsMedical Grade Tablets

Choose from a ruggedized 7” tablet and a 10” hybrid tablet built specifically for use in healthcare and perfect for Admissions/Registration, ADL tracking, Dining, Activities, and more.

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Mobile - AIOMobile AIO

Beautifully designed anti-microbial touchscreen computers in various sizes that can withstand millions of touches. Battery powered to provide uninterrupted workflow in the healthcare environment, ideal for tracking and documenting care services and medication management.

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Mobile Charging BayMobile Charging Bay

Introducing the revolutionary RxChange™ Hot Swappable Battery System. When paired with CarisTouch mobile touchscreen computers and mobile cart healthcare providers achieve true 24/7 mobility and the power to operate fully at the point of care.

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Mobile WorkstationMobile Workstation

A lightweight, versatile Mobile Workstation built for healthcare professionals in mind. When paired with a CarisTouch Mobile Touchscreen Computer, it’s the perfect tool to ensure real-time documentation to your EHR at the point of care.

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Wall-Mounted KiosksWall-Mounted Kiosks

Beautifully designed anti-microbial touchscreen computers in various sizes for optimal viewing of your EHR. Hardwired and positioned on the wall to provide the ultimate tool for tracking and documenting care services in the healthcare environment.

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