Are you getting the most out of your EHR software?

We are not here to sell you a new Electronic Health Record; we are here to help you optimize your existing platform. You’ve invested a lot in your current solution, so why not get the most out of it?

We have deep experience with the major senior living applications and technologies and support them each and every day. We leverage that knowledge to help enhance your experience and benefit from industry-proven best practices.

Project Plan

With access provided into the EHR application, ProviNET will perform a remote review of the configuration, design, and use of the software in order to become familiar with the unique fashion that the organization is utilizing the EHR.

ProviNET will meet with core members of the organization’s team who are most affected by the EHR. These interview sessions will be broken out by discipline/group, covering topics as highlighted (but not limited to) in the below:


Census ManagementCensus Processing
MDSBilling Workflow
Care PlansAccounts Receivable Analysis
Clinical DocumentationPayment Processing
Physician Order Entry (POE)Charge Capture Workflow
Order Administration (eMAR/eTAR)MDS / OASIS Workflow Analysis
WorkflowClaims Processing
Physician EngagementMonth End Close
Survey ReadinessSystem Utilization Analysis
Quality Indicators / Risk ManagementReporting
ReportingRoles and Security
Disaster RecoveryPain Point Analysis
Roles and Security 
Pain Point Analysis 

Taking all of the information that was gleaned from the Discovery phase, ProviNET now has comprehensive understanding of what needs to improve for the EHR to be a more optimal solution for the organization’s unique requirements. ProviNET will perform troubleshooting, consult with EHR vendors, and compare against established/proven best practices to develop and deliver a formal “EHR Improvement Plan” to the organization.

Once the organization has reviewed the plan, ProviNET will schedule a conference call to discuss it with the key stakeholders. If any of the recommendations are of interest to the organization, ProviNET can develop a new project scope around addressing the recommendations the organization would like assistance with moving forward.

Optimization (Phase 4)

If the organization would like assistance implementing the recommendations from the improvement plan, ProviNET can help as little or as much as the organization may require. Due to only being able to know the scope after the plan is developed, ProviNET would consider this implementation a new project under a new SOW.

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