Building a Robust Network Infrastructure for Senior Living Communities

Having a robust network infrastructure is crucial to the scalability, security, and connectivity of your origination. As Senior Living communities grow and technology evolves; it is more important than ever to make sure the proper network elements are strategically in place to help increase the capabilities of the entire organization.

The FREE webinar will cover the following topics:

•    Internet Connections
•    Gateways
•    Core Network Switching
•    Edge Switching
•    Wi-Fi
•    Network Access Control
•    Monitoring and Maintenance

Make sure to join ProviNET Solutions Tim Bakker (Solutions Architect) and Networking experts Dale Eenigenburg (Lead Systems Engineer) on Wednesday, March 13th at 12PM EST / 11AM CST to learn more about the important things you need in building a new Local Area Network (LAN) or if you’re overhauling an existing one.

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