MatrixCare Brightree EHR and ProviNET Solutions

We’ll help you turn your data into insights.

As competition increases and regulations change, having timely, accurate data is key to providing superior care and achieving better outcomes. MatrixCare and ProviNET Solutions, an industry-leading technology consulting firm, have partnered to help unleash the power of your data to guide critical business decisions that can improve outcomes.

Customize queries, reports, and dashboards.

Every interaction with a MatrixCare product generates data, but that data can also generate a lot of noise. MyData
and MyAnalytics from MatrixCare can help. These solutions can turn your data into insights through informative
dashboards or custom reports.

MyData Features

-See near-real-time copies of key system tables that you can import into existing data warehouses or data lakes.

-Use existing business intelligence tools (for example, PowerBI, Tableau, etc.).

Write ad hoc queries based on your needs.

Automate the scheduling or delivery of custom reports and analytics to specific individuals or teams

MyAnalytics has a large library of pre-built census, financial, readmission, and quality visualizations, all built on Microsoft Azure, that lets you build custom content at any time.

MyAnalytics Features

Write ad hoc reports based on your visualizations or dashboards.

Customize any existing MatrixCare report, visualization or dashboard.

Review and understand the insights from your MyAnalytics reports, visualizations, and dashboards.

Make the most of MyData

To help you make the most of MyData, new MyData contracts include an option to add eight initial consulting hours with ProviNET. You’ll consult directly with ProviNET to determine how to use these hours.
Some ways to use these hours include learning how to:

• Use MyData.
• Write specific reports and queries.
• Find MDS data.
• Customize visualizations and dashboards.

Because MyData is a diverse toolset of database views and includes many potential use cases, additional consulting hours may be needed to fulfill a project request. ProviNET will work directly with you to schedule and bill for any additional hours you require.

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