The What, Why, How, and When of IT Strategic Planning

ProviNET’s thought leaders sit down to discuss the what, why, how, and when as it pertains to IT Strategic Planning.


5 Considerations when Developing the IT Budget

Almost every type of organization struggles with effective information technology (IT) budgeting. Often there is a disconnect between the IT team and the finance department; the IT team doesn’t understand the organization’s budgeting process and the finance department doesn’t understand IT. Leaders can remedy this disconnect by changing the organization’s approach to IT budgeting and move it from an annual “make it fit” endeavor into a much more meaningful ongoing planning process.

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Top 10 Items to Incorporate for IT in Your Strategic Planning

With the landscape of the long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) arena changing drastically, now and in the very near future, having a Strategic Plan in place for your organization is more important now than ever.  With value-based reimbursement, consumer demands, and the hospitals’ mandate for data…the LTPAC market is more competitive than it has ever been!  We have to do more for less and having a plan to overcome this is vital.  Furthermore, technology is no longer something to merely “keep up on” in this industry, it is one of the most valuable tools we have on our belt.  It is probably the single most key component to taking our strategic plans from being focused on “surviving” to being focused on “thriving.”

What technology initiatives are most important to focus on when developing a Strategic Plan in the LTPAC arena?  Here are ProviNET’s top 10:

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Strategic Planning and Strategic IT Planning for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) Providers: A “How To” Workbook

Strategic IT Planning Workbook

Every organization, regardless of type or size, should have a strategic plan in place. Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategic direction and making decisions about how it will allocate its resources to pursue this direction. In short, the purpose of strategic planning is to help an organization establish priorities to better meet its mission.

Information technology (IT) is a business imperative in this day and age. Technology has changed every sector, and the aging services field is no exception. Hence, strategic IT planning must be an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning and enterprise governance.

Strategic IT planning encompasses an organization’s leadership, organizational structures, and processes. This planning can help ensure that the organization achieves its strategic goals and objectives.

The strategic IT plan should reflect the relevance of technology to each of the organization’s strategic business goals and changes the organization will need to make to its information and communications infrastructure.

An organization’s technology environment must be aligned with its long-term strategic plan, goals, and objectives. An organization’s management and governance board must recognize the critical role of technology in laying the foundation for and enabling its strategic direction and operational goals.

For this reason, technology governance is ultimately the responsibility of the board and executive management. This is a piece that is often overlooked. Yet, it is essential to implementing a successful long-term technology plan.  Strategic thinking about technology has never been more critical for aging services providers that are seeking to define their role in the face of a shifting reimbursement landscape, increasing demand for doing more for less, rising consumer expectations for quality, and an increasing need to demonstrate excellence through objective data.

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