It’s Time to Make the Most of your IT Infrastructure

Enterprise Technology Services is our “bread and butter.” So much of ProviNET’s reputation comes from our extensive data center and network administration experience. It’s a really big deal for your organization to be able to effectively and efficiently manage and disseminate data and information through enterprise networks and systems. Which is why we’ve been focused on the availability, management and optimal utilization of enterprise technology solutions since the day our doors opened. We’d hang our hat on it.

What if the brakes on your car worked most of the time? Or you had a keyboard with most of the keys on it? What about an extension cord that reaches most of the way? Many organizations have technical infrastructures administered by technical staff that are self-sufficient – mostly. We’ve assisted organizations with as few as one server to organizations with literally hundreds of servers. Whatever your size, ProviNET can help turn “most” into “all.”

Data Center as a Service

Not interested in having servers, storage devices, and other hardware appliances in your building? That’s no problem. ProviNET has invested significant resources in our data centers, and we’re happy to share that with you. Our team has built the most robust virtual private cloud hosting infrastructures that we could dream of. We leverage proven enterprise technology components from Dell, EMC, VMWare, HP, Cisco and Sonicwall to create a hosting platform designed for any organization.

ProviNET has two data center locations; one in the central time zone and one in the mountain time zone. Our data centers are connected via a 10Gb pipe and we replicate information between to the two to mitigate the risk that our customers would ever experience downtime.

If you’re tired of being in the infrastructure administration game – lets start a conversation about how ProviNET can take over all of those responsibilities.