Are you protected if disaster strikes?

At ProviNET, we understand that disaster can strike at any moment and that is why we will work with your organization to make sure that you have the right set of policies, and tools in place to remain safe and secure.

Secure Customer-site storage of data in a specifically designed Backup Continuity & Disaster Recovery appliance

Onboarding of solution, including hardware and software installation, configuration, initial seeding acceptance testing, and Customer portal access setup

Remote storage (meaning offsite, relative to Customer’s business premises) provided at no less than two Datto data centers (“Datto Cloud”) in the United States

Encryption of all data while in transit and at rest in the Datto Cloud

Remotely executed support services, including remotely executed restoration services, if requested

Annual disaster recovery testing

Virtualization of failed server(s) via either Customer-Site or Datto Cloud

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