Carl Goodfriend


Carl Goodfriend has nearly 40 years of experience working in senior living.  Carl serves a dual role as CIO for ProviNET Solutions and Providence Life Services. As the senior-most officer for ProviNET Solutions, Carl is tasked with maintaining ProviNET’s vision, mission and core values through every aspect of leadership and day-to-day operations.

Carl has a deep appreciation for collaboration and promotes a strong team mentality internally, allowing the organization to accomplish incredible goals and objectives by bringing the talent of the entire organization together. One of Carl’s favorite quotes is “I would rather have one percent of 100 people’s effort than 100 percent of one person’s effort” (Andrew Carnegie).

Carl lends his own knowledge and skill by participating in several industry trade groups and advisory boards as well as participating in associations on a state and national level to promote the use of telehealth and electronic health information systems.