About Us

ProviNET Solutions is a premier information technology solutions provider that delivers comprehensive services for senior living and post-acute care organizations.

Customers are provided with the tailored IT solutions they need to seamlessly manage their community through the combination of enterprise-class IT infrastructure, premium 24×7 service desk support, and proven industry solutions for point of care and mobile technologies. Healthcare organizations may also leverage ProviNETʼs technology consulting resources for strategic planning, clinical and financial EHR implementations or optimization efforts.

ProviNETʼs reputation for building robust, high-performing, customized solutions with the reliability and responsiveness that providers can trust is built on nearly 30 years of experience.

We hear too often that organizations don’t feel that they are leveraging the technology investments that they make, and that’s disappointing. Technology is an incredible tool to help organizations do what they do better, faster and smarter – and our goal is to help organizations put that tool to work for them in a meaningful way.