ProviNET and Triyam Partner to Enhance Data Management and Archival Services for Senior Living

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ProviNET Solutions is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Triyam to enhance data manag

ement and archival services for senior living communities. Leveraging Triyam’s expertise in data conversion, migration, and archival, this collaboration is poised to revolutionize legacy data handling for ProviNET’s senior living clients.

Steven VanderVelde

“ProviNET is renowned as an IT provider in the senior living sector, engaging with numerous communities nationwide for a variety of technological needs. A critical need we’ve pinpointed is the efficient management and archival of legacy electronic health record data,” commented Steven VanderVelde, Director of Senior Living Partnerships for ProviNET Solutions.

Triyam’s cloud-based data archival service, Fovea, offers a unique and customizable solution that addresses the specific needs of each community. With Fovea, organizations can securely store, access, and manage their legacy data, ensuring compliance and ease of access. This service simplifies the transition from old to new EHR systems, providing a seamless archival solution.

“At Triyam, our mission is to assist healthcare organizations in managing their legacy data efficiently. We’re excited to partner with ProviNET Solutions to bring our specialized data archival services to senior living communities. Our expertise in data management and archival solutions will enable ProviNET’s clients to handle their legacy data more effectively and focus on providing excellent care,” stated Lisa Williams, Vice President Business Development at Triyam.

Join our Webinar on Thursday February 22nd at 12pm CST to learn more information about Triyam and how they can benefit your organization.

About Triyam:

Triyam specializes in data conversion, migration, and archival for healthcare organizations. Their flagship service, Fovea, is a cloud-based solution tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, focusing on secure and accessible legacy data management. Triyam is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations efficiently manage their historical data, ensuring compliance and improving operational efficiency.