Maximizing the Potential of Your Electronic Health Record

Maximizing the Potential of Your Electronic Health Record

In this digital era, almost all sectors, including senior living, have integrated technology into their everyday activities. One of the most crucial tools for healthcare providers is Electronic Health Records (EHRs). You’ve probably already invested a significant number of resources into your EHR system, and our goal isn’t to sell you a new one; instead, we want to help you optimize your existing platform. With our extensive experience in major senior living applications and technologies, we strive to enrich your experience and aid in adopting industry-proven best practices.

EHR Optimization: The Journey

Our approach to EHR optimization is a comprehensive and dynamic process involving four main phases:

Phase 1: Discovery

The Discovery phase is where we get to understand your organization’s unique EHR use. This initial phase involves two primary activities:

  1. Initial Review: Upon access to the EHR application, we conduct a review of its configuration, design, and utilization.
  2. Discovery and Interviewing Sessions: We meet with the organization’s core team members who are most impacted by the EHR. This can be done on-site or remotely. Our interviews cover a wide range of topics including census management, clinical documentation, physician engagement, quality indicators, roles and security, and financial processes, among others.

The ultimate objective of this phase is to pinpoint both the clinical and financial pain points that could be affecting your system’s effectiveness.

Phase 2: Improvement Plan Development

After gathering the necessary information during the Discovery phase, we move into the Improvement Plan Development phase. This phase is characterized by thorough research and development of a tailor-made EHR Improvement Plan for your organization. We consult with EHR vendors, perform troubleshooting, and use the best practices to come up with a plan aimed at optimizing your EHR system.

Phase 3: Organization Plan Review

In this phase, we present our proposed EHR Improvement Plan to your organization. After review, we schedule a conference call with your key stakeholders to discuss the plan in detail. Based on your feedback, we can further fine-tune the recommendations and develop a new project scope to address the areas your organization would like assistance with.

Phase 4: ProviNET-led Implementation of Recommendations

Once the recommendations have been reviewed and approved by your organization, we can assist you in implementing them. Whether you need a little or a lot of help, we’re prepared to work with you. The scope of this implementation is determined by the finalized Improvement Plan, and we treat it as a new project under a new Statement of Work (SOW).

EHR optimization is not about replacing your system but making the most out of your existing investment. At ProviNET, we leverage our experience and industry knowledge to ensure you can maximize the use of your EHR system, delivering improved care and operational efficiency.

Why Partner with ProviNET for EHR Optimization?

Choosing our organization for your Electronic Health Record (EHR) optimization needs is a decision that promises to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity within your current EHR platform. Our uniqueness stems from our origin story: we were born out of a Long-Term Post-Acute Care Provider. This means we truly understand the nuances and complexities of senior living healthcare and its administrative processes. We have been providing our services to over 200 senior living organizations, managing more than 500 communities, and have earned a reputation for excellence and reliability in these circles.

Our staff is our greatest asset. Our team is composed of skilled technical, clinical, financial, and operational resources. We also have several registered nurses on board who understand the clinical aspects of care delivery and how they intertwine with electronic health records. Our team is certified and trained in multiple EHR vendor applications, ensuring that we can navigate any system with confidence and proficiency.  If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, please fill out the below contact form and we will be in touch.

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