Achieving Better Outcomes Through the Use of Technology

ProviNET Solutions, dedicated to offering top-notch solutions to clients, is proud to recommend Pioneer Solution‘s medical grade touchscreen computers for healthcare organizations. Having partnered with Pioneer for a decade, ProviNET recognizes the value of their rugged, state-of-the-art devices that withstand harsh healthcare environments and comply with HIPAA requirements.

Pioneer’s touchscreen computers are designed with embedded privacy filters and antimicrobial features, providing protection against liquid sprays and millions of touches while preventing micro-organism and bacteria growth. The internal privacy screen filter ensures data security while reducing the need for constant cleaning and scratch prevention.

These versatile devices support caregiver mobility with their all-in-one design and hot-swappable batteries, significantly improving medication administration workflows. The Pioneer platform also boasts a longer life cycle than consumer-grade products, enabling phased implementations for larger enterprises and reducing total cost of ownership.

ProviNET Solutions and Pioneer Solution Team Up for Webinar:

Finding the right technology for the job can be difficult.  2023 brings a new year of regulations, budget shortages and ongoing staff shortages.  Technology and automation can certainly help but having the right technology will allow you to streamline clinical workflows and achieve predictably successful outcomes. 

Learn the most common pitfalls and best practices to select the right hardware for your staff.  Hear how our Customer – Providence Life Services – navigated their technology decision and implementation, what they learned along the way and how they succeeded.

Key Takeaways:

·         Learn the common pitfalls, mistakes, and limitations in technology selection.

·         Best practices for selecting hardware for the clinical setting.

·         Function and form considerations that can improve efficiency in the clinical workflow, ensure real-time documentation and greater infection control.

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