Navigating an EHR Transition: Safeguarding Your Patient Data and History

Transitioning to a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can be a daunting task for any organization. One common concern that arises is the fate of valuable patient data and history from the previous EHR. This blog post will address the challenges of transferring demographic, financial, and business data from your legacy EHR to the new one, and how partnering with experienced professionals like ProviNET Solutions can ensure a smooth and efficient process.

EHR Transition
EHR Transition

The EHR Transition: What Happens to Your Old Data?

When considering a switch to a new EHR, you might be relieved to know that most EHR systems can import essential patient information such as demographic data, clinical data, account balances, physicians, businesses, and more. The primary challenge, however, lies in extracting this data from your old EHR system.

ProviNET Solutions: Your Trusted Partner in EHR Data Conversion

With over a decade of experience, ProviNET Solutions has been assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of EHR transitions. Our team of senior systems developers has extensive knowledge of popular EHR software and a deep understanding of the senior care space, ensuring that the most crucial data for aging services is preserved.

Our developers utilize SQL or other back-end access tools to extract the necessary information from your legacy EHR and populate the import templates required by your new EHR system. We collaborate closely with your organization, helping you understand the data present, identifying potential issues such as dirty or duplicative data, and advising on how to achieve the cleanest possible import for a fresh start in your new EHR.

Certified Partnerships for Seamless Data Conversion

ProviNET Solutions is a certified partner with leading EHR providers such as PointClickCare, MatrixCare, and Netsmart. We regularly offer data conversion services for these solutions, populating each vendor’s unique import templates. Beyond our experience with these three products, we also have expertise in other legacy EHR systems.

Our team can guide your organization on not only transferring accurate and current data from your old EHR to the new one but also help you explore options for maintaining and managing historical data in your legacy EHR long-term. This ensures compliance with national and state regulations while safeguarding your valuable patient information.

Transitioning to a new EHR system doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. By partnering with experts like ProviNET Solutions, you can confidently navigate the process of data extraction, conversion, and import, ensuring the seamless transfer of your patient data and history. Trust in our experience and dedication to safeguarding your organization’s valuable information, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional care to those who depend on you.