Pioneer is Built for Healthcare

ProviNET Solutions is committed to providing their clients with the best of breed solutions in the marketplace. As such, they take pride in the solutions they recommend, particularly for healthcare clients who must choose the correct point of care, point of sale, nursing or administrative devices. ProviNET Solutions has partnered with Pioneer Solution for the past nine years because of their medical grade options that are an ideal fit for healthcare organizations.

Pioneer’s medical grade touchscreen computers are specifically designed for healthcare environments, with an embedded privacy filter and antimicrobial features that make them stand out from other offerings. These state-of-the-art touchscreen computers are rugged and built to withstand harsh and demanding healthcare environments, with the ability to protect against liquid sprays and withstand millions of touches. The enclosure is also designed to prevent the growth and spread of surface micro-organisms and bacteria. Additionally, the devices are equipped with an innovative design that allows a privacy screen filter to be embedded internally, helping to comply with rigorous HIPAA requirements. This design ensures that only the user directly in front of the screen can see the information, concealing views from other angles. The embedded privacy filter also eliminates the need to regularly clean the display from fingerprints and helps prevent scratches.

The Pioneer platform provides versatility, particularly when considering initiatives to help caregivers maintain mobility throughout their area of responsibility for their entire shift. The devices are mobile all-in-one, with a hot-swappable battery that has been a game changer for the medication administration workflow. In the past, laptops were the most likely solution, often with carts left plugged into the wall.

A Longer Life Cycle than Consumer Grade Products

Another enormous advantage to consider with the Pioneer platform is that the devices have a longer life cycle than most commercially available or consumer grade all-in-ones. This allows larger enterprises to have phased implementations installing the same device model over the span of several years. Not only does this method help reduce deployment and support overhead, but it also minimizes the total cost of ownership of the equipment. Because these devices are purpose-built with a healthcare setting in mind, this helps mitigate the customers’ concern of having to purchase replacement hardware that isn’t intended for this specific purpose every 1-2 years.

ProviNET Can Help!

Choosing the right point of care, point of sale, nursing or administrative device may seem like a difficult and daunting task, but Pioneer and ProviNET have teamed up to create a free resource kit that will outline a series of items to consider ensuring well-defined goals and outcomes throughout this exercise. The hope is that this kit will help organizations understand the various components and make the right decisions for their specific needs. To download the free eBook, visit