Staff Augmentation during COVID-19

 Persistence with Key Technology Projects in the time of COVID-19: Staff Augmentation

One common theme that we have found during COVID is that a lot of providers may still have a big desire for implementing new technology amidst the pandemic, but they are afraid to put any additional burden on their staff that such efforts may require. However, some of our customers have still found a way to move forward with new technology projects to realize all the benefits they offer, while still shielding their teams from shouldering a lot of the burden.

One such customer in up-state New York saw the value in moving forward with a new EHR implementation near the end of 2020. The project was largely to be delivered by the vendor of the new EHR, but the community was seeking a partner that could take on a good portion of the heavy lifting that would otherwise be expected of the internal team there. This is where ProviNET was able to step in.

With the vendor serving as the main consultative force and managers of the project as a whole, the customer tapped into ProviNET’s collection of experienced informatics nurses to help them with critical system configuration decisions and the completion of any homework assigned to the client. The informatics nurses were able to share information on best practices and what has worked well across our extensive senior care customer base, as well as help with any homework items that the internal team did not have time to handle themselves.

Additionally, ProviNET was on deck to perform the data conversion as well as assist the backloading of patient orders prior to go live.

However, while navigating COVID challenges at a critical point of the project, the community asked ProviNET to assist in a more involved role by helping them with the end user training. Instead of leveraging the vendor for a “train the trainer” approach, where the burden of the training would be on community’s super user team, they looked to establish formal classroom training with ProviNET that covered the full staff roster. And of course, this training was to be delivered 100% virtually in small groups of classes and time slots to be in line with local social distancing regulations.

ProviNET was able to work alongside the community to ensure that the team felt comfortable with the EHR implementation as a whole, but also to ensure that all staff felt well versed in operating in the software for the go live date.

Download the full white paper here.