EHR Implementation during COVID-19

Persistence with Key Technology Projects in the time of COVID-19: Full Scale EHR Record Implementation

Going through a transition from one EHR to another is always a huge task for a provider, even when there isn’t a pandemic to navigate around. However, in the summer of 2020, one CCRC in South Carolina still saw the value in moving to a more modern EHR solution to provide better care to their patients and a better experience for their staff. The one challenge though was ensuring that the clinicians felt comfortable and fully educated in how to use the new EHR as it became their new daily workflow.

This is where this community saw the value in partnering with ProviNET. First, a team of informatics nurses and financial consultants helped the community design the configuration in the new EHR with proven best practices and a corporate standard. Then, a dedicated Systems Developer was able to help them extract key patient data from their old EHR to be imported into the new one for a seamless go live experience. But probably most importantly, the same team of informatics nurses who helped them configure the software was able to offer full-scale classroom style training in the EHR to all staff, delivered 100% virtually.

Providing the end user training virtually not only promoted the same level of education and understanding in the new EHR as onsite training would, but it also offered some unique benefits that weren’t originally anticipated. Such benefits included the ability to record the virtual training for re-education and sharing purposes, the elimination of extra cost from traveling for onsite training, and a much more flexible schedule of events.

The community was able to hit their targeted go live date with ease; and with leveraging virtual go live support from ProviNET, reported a smooth transition for all staff into the new EHR.

Download the full white paper here.