Five Features in Microsoft Teams

Are you looking at ways to increase the effectiveness in the way your team communicates and collaborates within your organization? As mobile workforces continue to evolve in companies, this question is becoming more prominent. There are many applications out there that can help achieve communication and collaboration, however, there is one that stands above the rest. In 2016, Microsoft added a new tool to its robust Office 365 suite lineup. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that allows teams to connect virtually anywhere. Microsoft Teams boasts an astounding amount of features that can guarantee an organization stays productive. In this blog, we look at those features that set Teams above the competition.

#1 Group Chat

Imagine you have an upcoming meeting with a potential client and need to involve several members of your team. However, your company has a telecommuting policy and some of those members are working at home. You can start a group chats with any team member that you like, and the message you conduct between members will automatically be saved. If you need to drop out of the conversation, you can always jump back in where you left off.

Teams - Chat

#2 App Integration

Microsoft Team is fully interchangeable between many different programs in the Microsoft suite. Users can edit documents in Word and OneNote, for example. Additionally, you can create tabs for key applications so they are easily accessible.

#3 Mobility

One of the most beneficial features of Microsoft Teams is the ability to take it with you on the go. This is perfect for the mobile workforce! The Teams mobile app is user-friendly, has all the features of the desktop version, and is available via all iOS and Android devices. The mobile version of Teams allows you to chat via text, perform a voice conversation, and even a video call.

Teams - App

#4 Sharing Files

Microsoft has a feature built-in that allows users to share files with each other. Sharing accessibility is based on the configurations that are set up in OneDrive and SharePoint. Users can share files across Teams and set permissions for the files they want to share. It also allows them to stay in Teams when they click a file name to open a file.

Team - Sharing

#5 Customizable

Microsoft Teams is a flexible application that allows IT teams to customize settings such as email, meetings, and security. It also allows the end-user to create different channels to align with different topics. The use of tabs can help point a team member to specific topics and documents that are important.

While this blog article only lists 5 features of Microsoft Teams, please check out the full suite of features here. Even though Teams has been around for the last few years, it has recently made an immense amount of strides in making sure organizations’ productivity is on the rise. At ProviNET, we’re here to assist your organization in the implementation of the Office 365 suite including Microsoft Teams. Visit us at to learn more.