Providence Life Services and ProviNET Solutions Attend Thrive Center Grand Opening

Providence Life Services CEO, Rich Schutt, and ProviNET Solutions CIO, Carl Goodfriend attended Thrive Center’s much anticipated grand opening last Thursday, October 19th. The Thrive Center is a nonprofit technology innovation and education center designed to enhance the quality of life for a growing senior population. It was developed through a public-private partnership, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Louisville Metro, CDW Healthcare, Samsung, Intel, Lenovo, Erotron, Aruba (ProviNET partner), and other healthcare stakeholders.

The Thrive Center offers an engaging experience where the consumer can utilize innovative technology solutions and products. The center’s opening focus will be centered on Memory Care. There is an estimated 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease and that number is expected to nearly triple by 2050 to 14 million. Along with their centralized focus, the Thrive Center is looking forward to drawing conversations and programs around senior care where an entrepreneur can engage with the senior care industry, researcher and consumer.

For more information on the Thrive Center and their grand opening, please read the press release here.