Tips for Your Out of Office Message

You work hard and deserve much needed relaxation. You might be tempted to share all the fun things you are going to be doing on vacation in your ‘out of office’ message. Before you let your co-workers and clients know what beach you will be lying on you should think twice.

The way you setup your ‘out of office’ message can potentially leave your organization at risk for a cybersecurity threat. Cyber criminals only need minimal information before launching an attack. ProviNET’s team of experts have a few recommendations on composing that near perfect ‘out of message’ that will help limit the chance of a cybersecurity threat.

#1: Don’t reveal too much information. 
Remember, less is always more. Always be vague about your location. It’s best to just state you are unavailable and will get back to the recipient as soon as possible.

#2: Have two separate ‘out of office’ message. 
One for internal and the other for external. Having two ‘out of office’ messages allows you to provide different details. However, still make sure to provide very little information.

#3: Use a different signature block. 
This will help avoid the opportunity for cyber criminals calling you to check if you will be away for an extended period of time.

These tips can be very helpful in preventing the chance of an attack. So instead of revealing all your vacation plans, maybe just wait to show off your pictures and videos when you get back.