ProviNET Hosting IT Security Session at LeadingAge Annual Meeting

Yahoo, Target, Home Depot, Anthem (Blue Cross), JP Morgan and Sony Pictures; What do these companies all have in common? In the past four years, each of these organizations have been the subject of a topic that many people would rather not think about: Data Breaches. Consumers from each of these companies have had their personal information compromised. Maybe you’ve personally been impacted by this and have had to get a new credit card number, or change your password, or maybe even have had to purchase identity theft protection services. These data breaches are a big deal, and have cost companies millions of dollars – not to mention the negative press associated with the loss of consumer’s personal information. Data breaches of this size and magnitude make headline news and cause a great deal of fear and suspicion among consumers. What causes data breaches? Well, it all boils down to IT Security.

ProviNET is proud to be hosting an in-depth session on Information Technology (IT) security at the annual LeadingAge conference in Indianapolis, IN later this month. Providers who have implemented electronic health records are holding on to some of the most valuable information  that is sought after by data theives. Many providers are caught wondering whether or not they are doing enough to protect their organization from a data breach or how to respond if and when a data breach occurs.

Plan on joining ProviNET for an in-depth look at Cyber Security Trends on October 31 at 8:30am. We’re excited to feature some expert panelists from United Methodist Communities in New Jersey as well as RiverSpring Health in New York. Together, we’ll look at the Anatomy of a Cyber Attack and explore some Cyber Security Strategies that providers can walk away with from the conference.