Creating Value in Proactive User Workstation Management

Let’s face it, technology has become such a critical component for businesses of all shapes and sizes. End users depend on their desktops and laptops to complete the tasks that they have on a daily basis. For users, using that workstation has become synonymous with utilities. When they turn on a light switch, they expect the light to go on. When the turn on a faucet, they expect water to come out. The same is true for their workstation – when they sit down to work, they expect it will respond and allow them to complete their tasks.

ProviNET recognizes just how important end user workstations are to organizations. The old adage is true – “time is money” and workstation downtime can cost organizations valuable dollars. Many threats today have to do with workstations not being maintained leaving them vulnerable to security breaches, viruses or ransom ware. Older workstations are susceptible to hardware failure which can be very costly if there is critical data on the hardware.

We’ve created a new proactive user workstation management service to mitigate downtime. For just pennies a day, we can take the worry and headache out of workstation administration and mitigate end user downtime. Additionally, this service reduces the overall and ongoing support requirement for each workstation. With the correct utilities in place, technicians can expect to use fewer resources, increase their service capabilities and ensure workstations are running smoothly.

Through a very lightweight monitoring agent on each workstation, we’re able to provide the following services:

  • Operating system patch management
  • Proactive workstation health reporting
  • Device alerting
  • Device inventory
  • Remote configuration changes
  • Remote desktop support

Contact ProviNET today to learn more about our Proactive User Workstation Management solution to see how your organization can benefit.