Upgrade to iOS 9.3.5 – Fixes Critical Security Vulnerabilities

Are you an iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) user? If so, you’ll want to pay close attention to the latest security patch that Apple released on Thursday August 25. iOS 9.3.5 features major security fixes for the three zero-day exploits and ProviNET recommends that it be downloaded by all iOS users right away.

It’s very likely that iOS 9.3.5 will be the last update to the iOS 9 operating system as there is strong speculation that iOS 10 will be launched next month with the much anticipated iPhone 7. In fact, Apple has begun seeding beta versions of iOS 10 to users who wish to test out the new operating system.

While Apple doesn’t disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until an investigation has occurred and patches or updates are released; The New York Times noted three security vulnerabilities patched in the update which were exploited by surveillance software created by NSO Group (Israeli) to jailbreak an iPhone and intercept communications. The NSO Group’s software can read text messages and emails and track calls and contacts. It can even record sounds, collect passwords and trace the whereabouts of the phone user.

At ProviNET, we take security very seriously. We know that many of customers use Apple iOS products and rely on their communication device to transmit secured information. Please contact the ProviNET Helpdesk by calling 708-468-2001 or by e-mailing if you need assistance upgrading your iOS device to the latest secure operating system.