Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Have you taken advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10 from Microsoft? Prior to the end of July 2016, Microsoft was offering all of its current Windows customers a completely complimentary upgrade to their most modern desktop operating platform – Windows 10. With the introduction of this new operating system, Microsoft is changing its philosophy on the popular Windows platform. Instead f there being a Windows “11” someday, Microsoft has stated that it will be adopting more of an Apple philosophy and release an annual update to Windows 10 that will improve on functionality, design and features.

Earlier this month, Microsoft released its annual “Anniversary Update” for Windows 10, and many users were eager to apply this upgrade. Given the massive testing and repeated refinement that was introduced with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you’d think the roll out would proceed with few debilitating problems. But you’d be wrong. From common installation problems to minor irritants to significant data destruction, reports of problems are mounting up. ProviNET is cautioning users from upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update until there a cumulative update to fix some of these issues.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduces some problems that we may expect during a typical Operating System upgrade, including: triggering a wide variety of features, rollbacks, flaky universal Windows programs and error codes. These are somewhat anticipated nuances that we have almost come to expect with an operating upgrade of even a major service pack from Microsoft.

Some more advanced (and seemingly serious) issues that are being reported include:

  • Making entire drives & volumes invisible – causing users to have to reformat
  • Disabling the Group Policy setting for Automatic Updates
  • Consistently complete “lock-ups” of the operating system after installation
  • Features like System Restore get turned off after the upgrade

On top of this, the new Anniversary Update from Microsoft only allows users 10 day to decide whether or not they want to (if they are able to) roll back the update to the prior build of Windows 10.

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