ProviNET Solutions achieves the Microsoft Silver Server Platform Competency

May 7, 2013 (Tinley Park, Illinois) ProviNET Solutions’ is proud to announce that we are now a “Microsoft Silver Server Compliant Partner”.  To earn a Microsoft Silver Competency, an organization’s staff must complete a rigorous set of tests to prove their level of technology expertise, have the right number of Microsoft Certified Professionals, submit customer references and demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction by participating in an annual survey. By attaining the Microsoft Silver Server Platform competency, we demonstrate our expertise in designing, building, deploying, and supporting the Windows Server operating system, Windows Server–based applications, and the Microsoft Server infrastructure. This means that we are better positioned to help support our customers’ business strategies through high levels of availability, agility, and automation.

Steve Bruggeman, Director of Technology at ProviNET said, “We are very proud of these achievements, as it is a reflection of the hugely talented team we have here at ProviNET Solutions and I can’t praise them enough. Our staff is really our strength.”

At ProviNET, we have a team of dedicated, expert engineers that specialize in areas far bigger than many of our competitors, allowing us to enhance small and medium-sized businesses with a range of routine IT tasks, supply and new equipment. We are exceptionally well placed to invest our time and resources to ensure that we can deliver the reliability, security, availability and performance that our customers deserve.

ProviNET is proud to put forth a program that provides the right resources to help our customers’ develop a strong IT infrastructure that can allow them to concentrate on their business, rather than the technology it depends on.

For more information please contact:  ProviNET Solutions at (708) 468-2000,