Advanced Technology Advances Relationships

Technology has always been important to ProviNET Solutions. Already more than a decade ago, we recognized it as an important tool for enhancing human relationships. Technology allows us to do certain tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively, so that we can invest more time and resources in people and care. Technology gives us ways to connect residents and their family members who live far away. And now, with the advent of Electronic Medical Records [EMR], technology can ensure greater efficiency and accuracy of health information.

The government, recognizing the benefits of EMR, is pushing for full conversion to digital records by the year 2014. ProviNET Solutions is responding. A new campus in Elmhurst, for example, will be the first Providence Life Services community to completely convert to EMR. And ProviNET Solutions, is helping other health care organizations convert as well.

Carl Goodfriend, Chief Information Officer for ProviNET Solutions, explains the advantage of using ProviNET, rather than simply buying a software package: “Let’s say you’re a nursing home in Chicago and need to convert to EMR,” says Carl. “You can call a company that will sell EMR software. But they don’t know that your building is old and needs a wireless system installed.” ProviNET takes the extra time to do infrastructure assessments, so they can recommend the software solutions that will best meet a client’s needs. The ability to access and analyze resident health records via computers holds promise in reducing costs and maintaining quality.

ProviNET’s staff of 60 includes developers and programmers, as well as customer service agents and project managers. They work together to serve Providence Life Services and a wide range of other clients. “We understand that for most people, technology is not an end in itself,” says Carl. “It’s a tool for accomplishing something else. It’s a resource that can enhance relationships. The relationships are what’s important.”

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