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Samples of our work"The positive results of our website redesign with ProviNET were immediate. We received feedback from our client-base expressing their approval of the design and the improvement on making the site user-friendly. In addition, staff are enjoying the increased ease and efficiency in editing the site."

Leah Meskis, Operations Director for Camp Manitoqua and Retreat Center

Social Media Strategy and Marketing

Social media marketing is an important part of successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is a connecting and interactive process for promoting a brand, website, or product through social channels. By interacting within these channels, you increase your local search engine placement, online visibility, earn consumer trust, and create a credibile reputation. Some of the most popular social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon, YouTube, and Reddit, just to name a few.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

When you partner with ProviNET's Social Media Marketing team, your social media efforts will bring several benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Brand building.
  • Increased local search placement.
  • Increased subscribers.
  • Increased website traffic and knowledge of your services and products.
  • Increased inbound links and direct referrals.
  • Higher search engine rankings.

Social media has changed how people use the web, connect with one another and share information. Research shows that people naturally take social media breaks throughout their day.

Our team of experts work with you to understand your unique business requirements and deliver a solution that matches your needs. Through social media channels, link building, blogs, and unique engagements, they will work with your needs to succeed in using social media to help define your brand and help you become the industry expert.

  • Bookmarking and tagging – through suitable tags and notes, for making your website popular.
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis – watching progress and suggesting tips to boost the social media marketing campaigns.
  • Social media network profile setup, configuration and optimization.
  • Integration of applications – social media APPs, blogs, RSS and other essential tools with your website.
  • Video optimization and submission.
  • Blog marketing, and community link building.
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