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EMR/EHR Mobile Computing Solutions with ProviNET

Discover how ProviNET and Capsa Solution's innovative solutions, will help optimize your EHR program with the right point-of-care products. Laptop Carts, Computer Workstations, Medication Workstations, and Integrated Medication Carts.

EMR/EHR Mobile Computing Workstations - available through ProviNET SolutionsComputer Workstations, Medication Workstations, and Integrated Medication Carts through Provinet

In today's world of EHR/EMR readiness, it is important to be accurate and efficient as you convert and chart your patients' information, and clinical documentation, while delivering a "secure remote administration" product for your caregivers, staff and industry related healthcare professionals.

ProviNET is proud to introduce to you the laptop carts, computer workstations, medication workstations, and integrated medication carts from CapsaSolutions as our products of choice, that have been tested and approved by ProviNET staff to help your organization with all of it's EHR/EMR compliancy needs.

Laptop Carts
Designed specifically to accommodate your choice of laptop computers, point-of-care laptop carts from Capsa Solutions offer a lightweight, ergonomic design that lets you configure the cart to best meet your exact requirements.

Computer Workstation
Based upon important feedback from clinical and health IT professionals worldwide, ProviNET and Capsa have worked together to create a computer cart line, offering you a full-featured and powered cart that promotes superior configurability based on your needed application. This flexibility within this line lets you configure the cart with your preferred choice of computing hardware from ProviNET, powered by a proven system that maximizes overall computer cart uptime.

Medication Workstations and Carts
Improve medication administration accuracy by taking the clinical process, medical record, and med preparation directly to a point-of-care product. ProviNET and Capsa's solution helps you consolidate your EHR (electronic health records), medication verification, and med administration right along the patient's bedside with a medication workstation and cart.

From the seamless drawer trays and integral drawer dividers, to the virtually indestructible precision welded frames, to the high-impact panels, Capsa's carts deliver superior performance and value year after year. Every cart integrates a spread caster position, ensuring stability while making the carts easy to move and control. And the carts incorporate innovative locking systems to keep supplies secure. What's more, each cart comes with a five-year limited warranty from Capsa Solutions to help protect your investment.

ProviNET Solutions' goal is to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions, enabling you to dedicate your resources to providing excellent care and services. Ask about our innovative laptop carts, computer workstations, medication workstations, and integrated medication models that define a new standard in healthcare supplies storage and organization. We offer the best solutions for your EMR/EHR Technology needs. Contact a ProviNET Client Care Representative today.

Healthcare IT Technology Solutions
PioneerPOS CarisTouch TouchscreenProduct of Choice - Touchscreen
PioneerPOS CarisTouch Touchscreen
ProviNET's private-viewing, anti-microbial, scratch-resistant, all-in-one touchscreen computing choice. The PioneerPOS CarisTouch all-in-one touchscreen features all the benefits for mobile workers who regularly work with sensitive data in insecure environments

:: Learn more about the PioneerPOS CarisTouch Touchscreen. A Touchscreen That's Built for Your EMR/EHR Technology Solutions.

Download a copy of the PioneerPOS CarisTouch Touchscreen Spec sheet Download the PioneerPOS CarisTouch Touchscreen Spec sheet to read more.
Dell Wyse X90m7 mobile thin clientProduct of Choice - Thin Client Laptop
Dell Wyse X90m7 mobile thin client
ProviNET's secure, accessible thin client computing choice for HealthMEDX Vision users. A laptop that's built for your EMR/EHR technology needs. The Dell Wyse mobile client an be securely installed onto a wheel-able computer workstation; moveable from patient to patient giving you the ability to electronically chart your clinical day.

:: Learn more about our product of choice, the Dell Wyse X90m7 mobile thin client laptop

Download a copy of the Dell Wyse x90m7 Spec sheet Download the Dell Wyse mobile thin client data and specification sheet to read more.
Custom software integration and healthcare reportingCustom Software Integration and Reporting
Custom Healthcare Reporting and Software Integration
For medical and long term care facilities ready to embrace the advantages of EMR/EHR Compliancy, ProviNET offers customizeable reporting and software integration. With combined product lines such as medication carts, computer carts and processing solutions, ProviNET is able to provide you with decades of experience and a unique ability to meet the demands of diverse healthcare environments.

:: Learn more about our custom software integration and healthcare reporting
EHR/EMR Implementation and ConsultingConsulting & Professional Services
Electronic Health and Medical Records (EHR/EMR) Consulting and Analysis
ProviNET can assist you with every step of your EHR/EMR implementation, helping you improve the quality of resident care. Our experienced staff will analyze your current needs, recommend the best solutions such as point-of-care devices and software, and will help you develop and organize an implementation plan complete with project management services. ProviNET also offers ongoing support, past the initial EHR/EMR implementation with experienced HelpDesk and Software Support teams.

:: Learn more about our EHR Consulting Expertise.
Custom Assessment Form ConversionsEMR/EHR Forms and Reporting
Custom Electronic Assessment Forms
As your healthcare facility prepares for an EHR/EMR implementation, ProviNET can offer our expertise by helping you create User Defined Assessments that work directly within Vision's reporting features. Our User Defined Assessments take the paper versions of your patient/resident's assessments, and turns them into an electronic custom form in Vision. This not only improves functionality, but allows you to build in additional trigger requirements, validation specifications, and helps you improve your assessment processes throughout your entire organization. ProviNET also offers ongoing support, past the initial EHR/EMR implementation with experienced HelpDesk and Software Support teams.

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