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Electronic Health Records (EHR) - Where will you put your money?


Considerations for EMR Implementations
by Joe Velderman
Director of Consulting Services

In today's long-term care industry, providers are diligently working to implement electronic medical record (EMR) solutions. While the cornerstone of an EMR implementation is the software that drives functionality and business processes, researching and finding an EMR package to fit an organization's requirements is just one of the areas to consider when rolling out EMR. It is also important to design and plan for some of the ancillary implications, such as staffing and technological requirements.

Although it is appropriate to involve staff from many operational areas in the implementation process, organizations are recognizing that employees have existing responsibilities and may find it hard to dedicate time to software implementation. Outsourcing some of the staff's routine responsibilities or the implementation tasks can help ensure that the project stays on track and is completed in an efficient manner. When building the project plan timeline for your EMR implementation, consider including the staff resources needed for each phase and include these costs in the roll out plan.


According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, after 2015, organizations not using Electronic Health Records (EHR) could face penalties. Failure to show meaningful use could result in a reduction in Medicare reimbursement each year until compliance is met.

ProviNET Solutions specializes in senior care, and we have skilled and talented staff that offer you the best solutions to make sure you are EMR/EHR compliant. From analyzing, customizing, and implementing to training, monitoring, and maintaining, ProviNET Solutions can help you tackle the management of your technology infrastructure, simultaneously improving resident care and your bottom line.

Based on our experience with implementing EHR programs, ProviNET can recommend, supply, and install Point-of-Care devices and software, help your organization develop an implementation plan, and provide project management. ProviNET can also provide ongoing support with our experienced HelpDesk and Software Support teams.

Implementation Planning and Project Management
ProviNET will manage the implementation project through planning, execution, and monitoring until the job is done. We will assess the current infrastructure and recommend upgrades or additions, evaluate and redesign the clinical workflow process to ensure staff buy-in, and develop a transitional plan.

Training and Support
ProviNET Solutions has a member of the staff on-call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our specialized Software Support Team provides training and support both during and after the EHR implementation. With customized hands-on training, on-site go-live support, and ongoing HelpDesk support, you can be confident your team will have the tools to utilize systems to their fullest potential.

ProviNET can customize a hardware solution to your needs and environment as well as guide you through the purchase, installation, and training on new technology. In addition, we will make sure your infrastructure can meet the increased demands and provide ongoing support and recommendations for the emerging technical requirements of your EHR and other technology needs.

What makes ProviNET unique is that we are a senior care provider — just like you — and have successfully implemented a suite of integrated software solutions designed specifically for senior care. This solution interfaces with external applications, such as therapy, pharmacy, and physician software, as well as internal components such as marketing, assessment tools, and quality measures.

Our goal is to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions, enabling you to dedicate your resources to providing excellent care and services. We offer the best solutions for your EMR/EHR Technology needs. Contact a ProviNET professional today.