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About Cloud Hosting

Access your files from any terminal at any time. Today you no longer need to save all your documents on one particular device, thanks to cloud computing and hosting services. If you are looking for a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software, then Cloud Hosting is for you.

Cloud Sharing and Storing Data

Cloud computing refers to sharing resources, software, and information via a network - in this case the Internet. The information is stored on servers maintained and controlled by a cloud computing provider. As an end user, you can access your stored information at any time on the cloud via the Internet.

With cloud services, you don't have to store the information on your own device. Instead, you can access your data from any location and download it onto any device of your choice, including laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Moreover, you can edit files such as Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, at the same time as other users, making it easier to work away from the office, collaborate with your team and still stay connected.

There are different types of cloud computing services available to suit any number of unique requests. While some cater to individual users who want to store photos, documents, and videos, others are designed for businesses and companies that have extensive requirements for secure, compliant, and flexible platforms to develop IT applications.

  • Private Cloud
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Application Hosting
  • Datacenter Co-location
  • Dedicated Managed Servers
  • Cloud Email
  • Website Hosting
  • Exchange Mail Hosting
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Cloud Backup Solutions / Hosted Offsite Storage

Access your data from any location.
Collaborate with your team from various locations
and while still staying connected.

Advantages of using Cloud Hosting:

  1. Worldwide Access. Cloud computing increases mobility, as you can access your documents from any device in any part of the world. This means that employees can work while on a business trip or from home, without having to carry around additional documents. Employees can work on the same document without having to be in the same place, which in turn increases productivity and allows faster exchange of information and better communication.
  2. More Storage. Cloud storage gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily modify storage space as your needs change, instead of worrying about upgrades and expansions of physical hardware.
  3. Easy Set-Up. Cloud computing service can be set up in a matter of minutes, while giving you secure and adjustable individualized settings, including password requirements or selecting which devices you want to connect to the network.
  4. Automatic Updates. As your cloud-computing provider, we make sure that updates are implemented, saving you time and trouble. Furthermore, you don't need to be an expert to update your device - we will automatically notify you and provide you with instructions and support if there are any additional updates needed on your machines.
  5. Reduced Cost. With Cloud Computing, you can save on hardware and software costs, as well as the time spent installing, upgrading and maintaining your systems. ProviNET Solutions offers numerous cloud computing applications which allow you hassle-free access to increased storage and functionality.