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Our Client Commitment:

Our customers are important to us and the relationship we have with each and every one of them is incredibly important to us. This means that we work tirelessly every day to give all our customers the best possible solutions and services at every point of contact they have with us each day. Every decision we make starts with a focus on our clients' needs. We aim to not only meet but exceed their expectations. We always continue to place their needs first - each and every time.

Client Testimony - Victorian Village, Homer GlenVictorian Village currently uses ProviNET Solutions for all of their IT and Communications needs and they offer us outstanding service, so we thought that we would ask to see if they could install a Live Web Camera so we could monitor construction of our new campus building with a Live Web Feed as well. The ProviNET technology consultants were able to come to our construction site right away to survey our needs, offering us the best location to house the camera, along with a solution to connect the needed features. This was no easy task, as we had the ProviNET staff climb around the many rooftops of our buildings on our campus to survey the new construction site. The entire ProviNET team is a pleasure to work with. It is a great pleasure to work with an I.T. company, who not only has great service, but also has qualified personable staff who are ethical and just a pleasure to work with. Thanks ProviNET!"

- Rick Molenhouse, Community Manager for Victorian Village Retirement Community
Client Testimony - Camp Manitoqua, Frankfort, ILThe positive results of our website redesign with Provinet were immediate. We received feedback from our client-base expressing their approval of the design and the improvement on making the site user-friendly. In addition, staff are enjoying the increased ease and efficiency in editing the site."

- Leah Meskis, Operations Director for Camp Manitoqua and Retreat Center
Client Testimony - Trinity Christian CollageProviNET is responsible for anticipating needs and planning the overall course and direction for our technology on campus. They handle this with a high level of knowledge and a minimal level of supervision. ProviNET is excellent at understanding the very complex cultural issues that are present in an institute of higher learning and knows well how to leverage that investment to deliver the kinds of solutions and applications that enhance the learning environment and promote administrative efficiency."

- Mike Fox, VP for Finance and Administration for Trinity Christian College
Client Testimony - Trinity Christian CollageProviNET Solutions has been responsible for all technology needs at Plymouth Place for over nine years. They successfully planned, installed, and maintained the first computer systems for Plymouth Place. The installation was very challenging, since it was in a 55 year old building. As a direct result of the installation's success and subsequent service, ProviNET was asked to design and install the computer systems for our new building. ProviNET overcame many obstacles our new systems presented, the most difficult of which was a campus-wide Resident Wi-Fi system. These systems have been one of the keys to our success. Now that we have moved into our new building, the service ProviNET provides to meet our changing requirements remains exemplary."

- Dale Lilburn, CEO at Plymouth Place
Client Testimony - Calvary AcademyProviNET Solutions' support and ability to meet our technology needs far exceeds our expectations. Their outsourced IT staff is responsible for the day to day IT support throughout our school. They assist the administration with technology planning along with capital requisitions. They are also responsible for server maintenance... and network support... I would highly recommend ProviNET Solutions to any School that is looking for capable, dependable and efficient IT services."

- Karen Pender, administrator of Calvary Academy School
Client Testimony - Itasca PlasticsWe have used ProviNET Solutions for over 7 years. We are a small and growing company. As a small company, the management is required to accomplish a wide range of tasks. With scarce resources it is helpful to outsource Information Technology services, which allows us to focus on how we add value. Problems in IT can arise at inopportune times and ProviNET gives our company expert service when we need it most. ProviNET 's online time tracking database provides a clear and easy way for me to see progress and manage issues that arise, this allows for continuity in solutions for all the various IT services our company requires."

- Itasca Plastics, St. Charles, Illinois
Client Testimony - Bethel Christian Reformed ChurchWe are glad we partnered with ProviNET Solutions. There are features that we are using with our new phone system, that we are very happy with. I have to tell you that your staff were awesome! They knew what they were doing, and they had a lot of patience with staff when explaining the system. And there were a couple of questions we had and they answered the questions easily and promptly. A product is only as good as the installer makes it and your staff was great."

- Tim G, Bethel Christian Reformed Church
Client Testimony - Smith-Perry Eye CenterWorking with the staff at ProviNET Solutions has been such a refreshing change from our previous experiences with other IT providers. ProviNET's attention to detail, the responsiveness to my requests and their overall knowledge of our entire network exceed every one of my expectations. ProviNET was able to evaluate our current systems as well as assist us in implementing new technologies; the relationship we have developed with ProviNET has been extremely beneficial to our organization."

- Nanci LaBracio, Office Manager at Smith-Perry Eye Center in Hinsdale Illinois
Client Testimony - Benjamin Eye Care in LaGrange IllinoisProviNET Solutions has been instrumental in keeping our IT system up-to-date and working at peak efficiency. In addition to maintaining our ProviNET Servers and Workstations, ProviNET's staff is familiar with our industry specific software and hardware, and they are proficient in troubleshooting any issues we encounter. As a result, our network is cared for especially well. It's great that we don't have to worry about our IT infrastructure – everything just works like it should!"

- Dr. Mark Benjamin, Benjamin Eye Care in LaGrange Illinois
Client Testimony - Providence Life ServicesOver the years, this has allowed us to completely consolidate all of our various outsourced IT services; from server hosting to help desk support, even web design and phone systems. Now for relatively the same annual IT expenditures that I have paid in the past, I get a huge increase in the services and types of IT support because of efficiencies gained by using one resource."

- Bill DeYoung, CFO for Providence Life Services
Client Testimony - Advanced Compressor Technology in Batavia, ILI find the technical knowledge and practical experience of Provinet employees to be exceptional and valuable. Of particular noteworthiness, is the fact that this high technical skills base and extensive experience is provided throughout nearly all of or your ranks. It is on very rare occasion that I have found other IT companies that exhibit the depth in technical skills that I have come to rely on with Provinet. Furthermore, the technicians have been able to maintain both our Batavia, IL and La Porte, TX facilities with ease and have kept ACT's needs in mind when advising us."

- Tim Sniezek, President at Advanced Compressor Technology in Batavia, IL